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2008-02-06 00:05:28 by NukeTheWhales


Hey Newgrounds,

This is a new blog post I'll do when I get the chance to called "Toon Review". I'm gonna be posting full honest reviews here if you're wondering if something is truly worth playing or watching. This heres my first one, so gimme a chance and we'll see how I do. Feel free to post comments on how I can improve, cause everybody who criticizes likes to be criticized. Right?

1. Inclines¹³

First up I'm having a look at a stick cartoon titled Inclines¹³ by th1rt3en. This flash is a bit of a re-creation of a Donkey Kong kind of styled thing, let's get down to business.

I thought this flash was, alright. I really don't think it deserved the score it got, for a few reasons. First, the concept wasn't overly original with sticks trying to get past obstacles. It's been done before, and before. Secondly, it could have had a little bit more action besides each stick being crushed with a barrel. Though this flash did have good action, this flash need a bit more. It would have been nice to see more unexpected things, and to see the sticks struggle more and show more emotion (even for a stick). Thirdly, it was all around too short, and I expected more happening all around. Lastly, I would have liked a better ending, rather than the remaining stick going up the ladder.

The characters body movements were a little slow moving, but it was extremely smooth and well presented anyways. How it was shown was fairly good, because the flash didn't just focus on one specific spot for the whole animation (ie. one guy moves, the next guy moves), making it crazier and better to watch. There isn't too much for me to say here, except that it was a good concept using "Donkey Kong", and it was truly good!

Audio was fine for an animation like this, because all you really needed was a song playing, anything else might have made it sound bad. Not that I can personally judge the music, but it was good for me!

I am going to give Inclines¹³ a 7.5/10

Very smooth
Well presented
Action happening all around (even if it was a little bland)
Liked the Donkey Kong feel to it

Not too original (aside from DK)
Needed better action and unexpectedness
Too short
Bad ending

Well, there you have it. A brutally honest review I hope. I appreciate comments as long as they aren't highly offensive! Thanks for reading!


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2008-02-06 03:43:26

wow great review :3

NukeTheWhales responds:

Thanks bud, good to have my first reply positive.


2008-02-07 00:02:31

yer and you lead me to 3 good animations, thanx :3

NukeTheWhales responds:

Glad to help I guess. Well, because of the somewhat strong response (though only two people) I think I'll keep going with this. Better 2 comments than none, they keep me going. Thanks.