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Times Change.The Future Begins

2007-11-18 22:50:58 by NukeTheWhales

Things are changing here on Newgrounds. Some may seem bad, some may seem good, and everyone is unsure if Newgrounds will truly have a bright future, or no future. Denvish's recent blog post compelled me to write this, as he stated he was basically retiring from Newgrounds. Everyone is saying "All the good users are leaving", but people leaving isn't always bad. We need room for new users and wonders to join, we have yet to see the powers of the future Newgrounders. I may even be one of them.

Thing's change, but we can't have everything staying the same. Everyone knows that with a beginning there will be an end. It was Denvish's time to move on, along with other users, and more leaving users to come. We can't have the same users here forever. Newgrounds can't always stay the same. That's a good thing, because we have time to look forward to what the new users will bring to the table. New users just like me. I haven't even been here long enough to even slightly know any of our great users. To even slightly know how other users have become friends with them, and how hard it might be for them to say bye, even over the internet (sadly?). I only wish I could have known them, I don't think I'll ever really known our great users, even ones that haven't left yet.

Remembering our legends of the site is one thing. But I just don't want to be a user to remember the great users, and entertainment of Newgrounds. I want to be the legend. I don't want to be known as just another user, not somone who goes to Newgrounds to cure boredom. I want people to remember me, just like they are going to remember our other magnificent users.

Trying to just remember the past is one thing, but thinking about changing the future is another. I hope people who read this will take it as more than just a blog post. Thanks for reading.

For Denvish


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2007-11-18 23:54:45

wow, deep. amen.

NukeTheWhales responds:

Thanks ;)


2007-11-24 21:56:09

Yea change are good. And from what i've seen, theres quite a few excellent animators on this here site. if some leave ng, then that sorta lets the decent animators "spread there wings" , so to speak.

NukeTheWhales responds:

I are inspi[red] Mark.