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My Head is Going To Explode.

2007-09-11 20:50:39 by NukeTheWhales

I have so much going through my head right now.

I am also very lonely, I don't know anyone who animates besides me. I want a friend to animate with, to be on the same page with, that I can actually talk to. No one I know understands me. Thats mainly why i want to go to a meet, to finally come face to face with flash legends, and friends I can talk to about my work.

I can't whisper to the guy beside me in class and say: "I got a tablet" without him thinking I'm a retard. I know they're out there, I just need to find them. I am losing my mind.



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2007-09-12 19:43:10

yeah man im right there witcha. I don't really want to tell anybody i animate, cause thell think im dorky. its a shame huh?

NukeTheWhales responds:

Well, I know I'm not alone so that really tends to help, thanks for the comment.