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We Need Another Montreal Meet

2007-09-09 11:57:00 by NukeTheWhales

For a guy that lives in Ontario, and is confined to certain places and unable to go everywhere, Montreal is close. Newgrounds needs another Montreal Meet for everyone, the UK meet is going on right now, so the next one should be Montreal. Or somewhere in Canada like Ottawa.

It would be good also for some of the Canada users who live in BC or somewhere far. I live in Ontario, so I could get around if I needed to. Post a comment here if you think that isn't a bad idea



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2007-09-10 22:55:08

Bud, you're 14, what would you do at a meet up? Not that i'm saying its a bad idea, could be fun.

NukeTheWhales responds:

True, well.. maybe in a year and a bit. But anyways, not just for me.