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Bioshock to Bioshocked

2007-08-29 09:13:34 by NukeTheWhales

I just recently played the game Bioshock, its a quite simple game that can get fairly difficult. It is an amazing game in my eyes, mainly for the creativity. But at times when I was playing at night, you would actually find the game a little...creepy.

Anyways, I just recently joined the Bioshock collab titled Bioshocked. I am making a part and so far its turing out okay. The thing is I could be happier, so I may make another one and submit just that to the portal as a short.

Thats all for now!



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2007-08-31 13:04:30

GOD DAMNIT CHAD! fucking christ! work on those maps or state that you are out

NukeTheWhales responds:

I guess I'm out, sorry man... I thought the game had died, cause I didn't really see anyone online... I'm not gonna waste my time on something I think had died..

did it?