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Name Change!

2009-09-24 14:53:06 by NukeTheWhales

Hey Newgrounds, it's been a while.

I recently had my username changed. Some of you may have known me by the name of Smartdog, but I have changed my username to NukeTheWhales. My reasoning is because I use this name on other sites including Camp North and I wanted to use it for everything, and also because I didn't really like my old name.

So, just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm still around. I'm currently working on a project, but I'm not rushing myself or anything, I've got other priorities and problems at the moment anyways.

Until next time, you stay classy newgrounds.


2008-02-06 00:05:28 by NukeTheWhales


Hey Newgrounds,

This is a new blog post I'll do when I get the chance to called "Toon Review". I'm gonna be posting full honest reviews here if you're wondering if something is truly worth playing or watching. This heres my first one, so gimme a chance and we'll see how I do. Feel free to post comments on how I can improve, cause everybody who criticizes likes to be criticized. Right?

1. Inclines¹³

First up I'm having a look at a stick cartoon titled Inclines¹³ by th1rt3en. This flash is a bit of a re-creation of a Donkey Kong kind of styled thing, let's get down to business.

I thought this flash was, alright. I really don't think it deserved the score it got, for a few reasons. First, the concept wasn't overly original with sticks trying to get past obstacles. It's been done before, and before. Secondly, it could have had a little bit more action besides each stick being crushed with a barrel. Though this flash did have good action, this flash need a bit more. It would have been nice to see more unexpected things, and to see the sticks struggle more and show more emotion (even for a stick). Thirdly, it was all around too short, and I expected more happening all around. Lastly, I would have liked a better ending, rather than the remaining stick going up the ladder.

The characters body movements were a little slow moving, but it was extremely smooth and well presented anyways. How it was shown was fairly good, because the flash didn't just focus on one specific spot for the whole animation (ie. one guy moves, the next guy moves), making it crazier and better to watch. There isn't too much for me to say here, except that it was a good concept using "Donkey Kong", and it was truly good!

Audio was fine for an animation like this, because all you really needed was a song playing, anything else might have made it sound bad. Not that I can personally judge the music, but it was good for me!

I am going to give Inclines¹³ a 7.5/10

Very smooth
Well presented
Action happening all around (even if it was a little bland)
Liked the Donkey Kong feel to it

Not too original (aside from DK)
Needed better action and unexpectedness
Too short
Bad ending

Well, there you have it. A brutally honest review I hope. I appreciate comments as long as they aren't highly offensive! Thanks for reading!

New Header.

2007-12-28 03:06:50 by NukeTheWhales

"Alright Queers..."

Bought HTF Volume Three

2007-11-26 18:15:52 by NukeTheWhales

Who doesn't love watching cute, and fuzzy animals kill themselves in many hilarious ways. I just recently bought Happy Tree Friends volume 3 while I was in Toronto. It's great entertainment, and the fact that it was made in flash by a flash artist. I would recommend it to anyone with a sick mind, and any violence lovers...

: ~ Smartdog

Bought HTF Volume Three

Times Change.The Future Begins

2007-11-18 22:50:58 by NukeTheWhales

Things are changing here on Newgrounds. Some may seem bad, some may seem good, and everyone is unsure if Newgrounds will truly have a bright future, or no future. Denvish's recent blog post compelled me to write this, as he stated he was basically retiring from Newgrounds. Everyone is saying "All the good users are leaving", but people leaving isn't always bad. We need room for new users and wonders to join, we have yet to see the powers of the future Newgrounders. I may even be one of them.

Thing's change, but we can't have everything staying the same. Everyone knows that with a beginning there will be an end. It was Denvish's time to move on, along with other users, and more leaving users to come. We can't have the same users here forever. Newgrounds can't always stay the same. That's a good thing, because we have time to look forward to what the new users will bring to the table. New users just like me. I haven't even been here long enough to even slightly know any of our great users. To even slightly know how other users have become friends with them, and how hard it might be for them to say bye, even over the internet (sadly?). I only wish I could have known them, I don't think I'll ever really known our great users, even ones that haven't left yet.

Remembering our legends of the site is one thing. But I just don't want to be a user to remember the great users, and entertainment of Newgrounds. I want to be the legend. I don't want to be known as just another user, not somone who goes to Newgrounds to cure boredom. I want people to remember me, just like they are going to remember our other magnificent users.

Trying to just remember the past is one thing, but thinking about changing the future is another. I hope people who read this will take it as more than just a blog post. Thanks for reading.

For Denvish

New Submission!

2007-11-16 17:02:35 by NukeTheWhales

Just recently finished a "cute" submission, called Ima Gonna Shoot You. Check it out, vote or maybe even write a review!


Back From Florida...And It's Killing Me.

2007-11-04 23:42:40 by NukeTheWhales

I just got back from Orlando Florida today, and I can say it was great. I did a whole lot, and had a stellar time. Now that I'm back, I don't think I've ever been as depressed, stressed and bored in my life. I missed a week of school, and the week before several projects, essays and reports were signed therefore forcing me to get them all done in just a few days. I failed my History test and I am killing myself struggling to keep a good average for my parents and myself. I don't have too much to look forward to now that my trip is over as well. I feel pretty alone, have no inspiration and I just want to keep sitting back and relaxing, but I can't and I think these next few weeks leading to Christmas are going to kill me. I am... out of words...

I have so much going through my head right now.

I am also very lonely, I don't know anyone who animates besides me. I want a friend to animate with, to be on the same page with, that I can actually talk to. No one I know understands me. Thats mainly why i want to go to a meet, to finally come face to face with flash legends, and friends I can talk to about my work.

I can't whisper to the guy beside me in class and say: "I got a tablet" without him thinking I'm a retard. I know they're out there, I just need to find them. I am losing my mind.


For a guy that lives in Ontario, and is confined to certain places and unable to go everywhere, Montreal is close. Newgrounds needs another Montreal Meet for everyone, the UK meet is going on right now, so the next one should be Montreal. Or somewhere in Canada like Ottawa.

It would be good also for some of the Canada users who live in BC or somewhere far. I live in Ontario, so I could get around if I needed to. Post a comment here if you think that isn't a bad idea


Bioshock to Bioshocked

2007-08-29 09:13:34 by NukeTheWhales

I just recently played the game Bioshock, its a quite simple game that can get fairly difficult. It is an amazing game in my eyes, mainly for the creativity. But at times when I was playing at night, you would actually find the game a little...creepy.

Anyways, I just recently joined the Bioshock collab titled Bioshocked. I am making a part and so far its turing out okay. The thing is I could be happier, so I may make another one and submit just that to the portal as a short.

Thats all for now!